Reconstruction in the immediate aftermath of war
a comparative study of Europe, 1945-50
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The Balzan Foundation

The International Balzan Foundation was established by the Italian journalist and businessman Eugenio Balzan and his daughter Angela Lina Balzan. It fosters outstanding achievements in the humanities, natural sciences and culture. It also supports humanitarian endeavours for peace.

The Foundation holds an annual presentation of the Balzan Prize, one of the highest awards for science, culture and humanitarian achievement. The fields in which prizes will be awarded are newly decided each year. Since 1961, 106 people and institutions have been awarded the Balzan Prize, and more than 52 million Swiss francs have been paid out in prize money.

In 2003 Eric Hobsbawm was awarded with the Balzan Prize in the field of European history since 1900 for a project on the reconstruction of Europe in the immediate aftermath of World War II.

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